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Red Cliff Labs is Workflow Management

We deliver complete workflow coaching and implementation to help you transform your business operations. By analyzing your current workflows we help you discover what changes you need to make your business more simple, efficient, scalable and properly documented.

Our Expertise

Organizational Workflows

Capture and process leads so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Automation Workflows

Save time and avoid mistakes by automating repetitive tasks.

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Reporting Workflows

Keep score by building workflows to gather and present data showing how your business is performing.

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On Boarding Workflows

Help your team understand how to best use the systems available to them.

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Communication Workflows

Stay connected with everyone on your team, while keeping the right conversations in proper context, not scattered all over.

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Integration Workflows

Connect various tools to automate across platforms.

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Workflows can make or break your company!

How often do you take time to review/improve existing workflows? Are you putting forth the necessary effort to run your business at its highest potential? Working with Red Cliff Labs will ensure you pay attention to this crucial part of your company.

Red Cliff Labs has revolutionized the way we do business.

We’ve had exponential growth since working with Carson for a full-week workshop.
Working with Red Cliff Labs completely changed the projection of our company!
With the tools that Red Cliff Labs developed for me, I have been able to scale my business.
Carson provided me with the education and tools to make my CRM platform limitless!
I would highly recommend any business or self-employed individual to engage Red Cliff Labs if they are serious about finally solving their CRM needs.
Carson and his team at Red Cliff Labs listened and asked very thoughtful questions.
Working with Carson and the team and Red Cliff Labs on our Podio project has been nothing short of amazing.
Highly Recommended. Well worth the $.
I can’t say enough good things about their abilities and overall attention to detail – not to mention that they are just really great people too!
You won’t find a more talented, professional or reliable developer team.
What a phenomenal job!
This has saved me a lot of time and energy. Highly recommended!
Created a high-performance CRM that is far beyond any out-of-the-box solution available on-line AND trained me on how best to use it.

A Team You can Trust

Red Cliff Labs was founded by Carson Young, a Podio CRM consultant and workflow management coach. Carson has held roles as varied as International Sales Manager for a global outdoor backpacking company and an online research specialist for a ‘unicorn’ Saas business. He always gravitated toward improving team operations needs, no matter what the official job role entailed. This ultimately led to the expertise and opportunity to consult with hundreds of SM/MD businesses to build specialized workflow solutions. He loves seeing other entrepreneurs succeed as they take control of their business operations.