Account Manager Position

Posted: July 1, 2021

Position Starting anytime after July 10, 2021

Company: Red Cliff Labs

Position: Account Manager

Location: Remote – Work From Home

Hours: Flexible – Part Time to start (15-20hrs per week) with optional opportunity to become Full Time after successful training period.

Starting Pay: $12-$15 per hour depending on experience and availability

About Red Cliff Labs:

Started in 2016, Red Cliff Labs provides Business Workflow Management Consulting. We help business leaders optimize their business workflow, empowering their team to achieve desired results with less friction.

We believe that all success is achieved when the right people follow the right process, while seeking answers to the right questions, to reach the desired result.

Our clients are Small to Midsize businesses in a variety of unique industries such as Real Estate Investing, Web Marketing, Solar Sales, and many more. We help them develop and utilize custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BMS (Business Management Software) tools to run their day to day operations.

We get to learn the inner workings of all sorts of companies and then do problem solving with/for them. We find that this is very enjoyable because instead of being stuck working on problems at one business every single day, there are constantly new challenges to learn and overcome.

Owner and Operator, Carson Young, is currently the only full time employee of Red Cliff Labs, with support from part time virtual assistants working in various countries.

Repeat customers and new business referrals have become so consistent that there is always more work than can be managed.

We are ready to bring on a new team member that can fall in love with the opportunity to master and assist our clients for many years to come.

Job Description:

The Account Manager will be responsible for all communication, handling support tickets, fielding project requests, and completing regular account reviews for their assigned client accounts.

Necessary Skills:

  • Communication
    This is the #1 most important thing, whether it is internal, communicating with our clients, or talking to potential customers.
  • Willing to Ask Questions
    It is 100% ok to not know every answer, as long as you are willing to ask questions and learn along the way.
  • Understanding Client Workflow Needs
    You would need to become intimately familiar with the business needs and workflow processes of clients. You would then assist with building/modifying/managing the tools that we implemented for them to achieve their goals.
  • Organization
    You must be good at taking notes, then adding notes and account updates to our CRM regularly. And making sure that all inbound requests from clients are filed and addressed in a timely manner.
  • Podio by Citrix is that platform that we use to stay organized with all of our work projects. It is also the main tool used by the majority of our customers.
    Podio is not the only software we use for customers, but it is by far the main one we work on and develop to meet their needs.
    If you are not yet familiar with Podio, that is OK – as long as you are willing to put in work and experimentation to learn it quickly.
    We will teach you the in’s and out’s of Podio so that you could become proficient using that software and how to improve it for our clients.
  • You will need to be able and willing to learn some very basic code. Primarily Javascript and PHP statements get used regularly with our work. It is ok if you are not familiar with this type of code yet, but you will be expected to learn small pieces for this job.
  • Possibly some business admin/accounting tasks on top of the Account management IF you are interested in that side of business and would like some experience there.
  • Experience conducting Zoom Meetings is a plus.
  • Experience with Google Data Studio is a plus.
  • Experience with Zapier is a plus.
  • Experience with Call Rail or other Enterprise VOIP Phone Management systems is a plus.

Job Examples:

  • Our company and the services we provide are very unique. The Job Description can be somewhat difficult to understand or imagine without having a better idea of the work that might be required by our clients. For this reason, we have provided two example scenarios to help provide a stronger idea of what this job would entail.

First is a client that runs a Solar business in Arizona, USA. RCL previously helped them build a lead management system using and they have been very successfully running their sales business on that platform we designed.

At this point, they have grown to have several offices and cover multiple states with dedicated sales teams. They now need help adjusting the original Podio structure so that it can better suite remote teams and provide data/reporting at that team level instead of the top level organization wide reports that it covers right now.

We’ve worked with them to create the template for what changes need to occur, but have not yet been able to build, test, and implement their new system. The Account Manager would step in to take care of that work. Regularly reviewing the changes with the team and providing necessary training for the various users as new features are released.

Second is a client that runs a Real Estate Investing Company in London, England. They spend several thousand dollars each month to advertise and send mail to people who may be interested in selling their home. We have built a Business Management Solution using that can track all opportunities which are generated from their expensive marketing efforts.

Anytime a phone call is received, or a form is submitted online, notes will be added into the Podio system. They recently hired a new Lead Manager and now need to have a rotation built in that equally distributes all new leads to the three different lead managers on their team. Once a lead is assigned, that LM should be notified via text and email so that they can make contact and perform due diligence research on the lead property. They have asked that we provide a weekly report of how many leads are received and worked on by each LM so that they can track the efficiency of each team member.

Next Steps:

If you are qualified and interested in this position, please click here to submit your information and resume. After you submit, you will receive further instructions on how to proceed with the application process. Make sure to follow those instructions carefully, as the attention to detail will be a big part in choosing the person that is a best fit for this opportunity.